Sustainability on trips and in our business is of paramount importance to us. Freefinns Oy’s operations are guided by the following values.

Respect for nature

Freefinns Oy’s premises and lands are surrounded by Lake Mula. Shores of our farm have been designated as a nature reserve and are part of a bird protection program. Through our own activities, we aim to protect birds and ensure a safe and peaceful nesting time for birds on and near our beaches. Pure nature and respect for nature are the foundation of our operations. Freefinns Oy operates in a way that saves and respects nature. This is reflected in our actions and choices. We always follow the instructions and rules of nature sites, and we do not leave a permanent mark on nature. In naturally valuable and sensitive areas, we only use marked trails on our excursions.

In addition to the surrounding nature, we also respect fellow hikers. Garbage-free camping is one of our most important principles. On our trips, we collect rubbish with us and recycle and sort the rubbish according to the recycling instructions. We tell our customers about moving around in nature and how to move around while conserving and respecting nature, in which case we also serve as an example of sustainable operations. We encourage our customers to operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

We want to be involved in creating a better future and a clean environment for future generations.


Reducing the burden on the environment

We do our best to take into account and reduce the environmental damage caused by our operations in all our operations. A clean environment is the most important resource for all of us.

We have strived to choose high-quality, timeless and durable products for our online store. Our selection also includes comprehensive products made by Finnish craftsmen. The aim is to deliver e-commerce deliveries as ecologically packaged as possible and using as little plastic as possible. Where possible, we use recycled packaging materials for deliveries. The packages delivered are the right size, we do not send air in packages. We aim for deliveries directly to customers from our importers and wholesalers, thus reducing the burden on the environment when one intermediary is left out of the delivery.

In our cooking on open fire services, we use either fully recyclable or washable dishes (Kupilka’s environmentally friendly dishes) where possible. In campfire food services, we minimize food waste by carefully planning meals. In food preparation, we use as many fresh raw materials and local products as possible. We also want to support other local entrepreneurs with our own activities. During the summer season, we produce small amounts of vegetables in our garden and collect berries and mushrooms from the forest so that we can guarantee our customers a fresh and healthy taste experience.

The equipment we use is chosen to last. When purchasing camping equipment, we primarily strive to choose multi-purpose, long-lasting, high-quality and durable products. Freefinns rents high-quality equipment for self-guided tours, so it is not mandatory for the customer to purchase all the equipment on their own.

It is important to us that our partners also adhere to the principles of sustainable development.


Safe and high quality services

Freefinns Oy’s services are produced in accordance with the wishes of the customer group and taking into account the starting level of the participants. The destinations of activities have been chosen to be as easy to reach as possible and are well known to the guide.

Activities and events are subject to an appropriate risk assessment and security plan. First aid skills are very important and first aid skills are updated regularly by entrepreneurs. Where possible, activities will utilize the services of other local entrepreneurs to complement their own expertise. We use sustainable partners who share the same world of values.

Freefinns wants to play its part in supporting the movement and sports activities of young people and children. The company offers low-income 12-18 year old kids the opportunity to participate in our guided event service trips free of charge, when open spots are available.