About us


Well, we are a relaxed, creative, inspiring, positive and social entrepreneurial couple from Northern Savonia. We have been together for more than 20 years and the idea for entrepreneurship in the wilderness and nature industry came from Sanna-Kaisa, who has had a burning fire to create something new and her own. Together with husband Turkka we set up for your delight company called Freefinns Ltd. FREEFINNS.FOR.YOU.

We spend our free time building stuff, hiking outdoors, hanging out with family and friends, traveling and taking care of animals. We have lived in Finland in several places, and for years abroad in four different countries. Sanna-Kaisa has been a horse lover since she was a child and her love for animals has only grown with age. Turkka likes to build stuff. We hunt together and the common empowering thing for us is nature and the good feeling and energy it brings! Sanna-Kaisa is also a skilled chef. On our excursions and in the wilderness restaurant you can enjoy dishes prepared with love.

Sanna-Kaisa works as a full-time entrepreneur and event guide. She is trained as Bachelor of Hospitality management and as a practical nurse and very soon will also graduate as a wilderness and nature guide. We warmly welcome you to be a customer of our company. See you in our events!

Be a free Finn!