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We use cookies to improve the experience on our website. A cookie is a file that pages are stored to speed up the use of those pages. This is done so that the pages will be recognized by your computer the next time you visit our site. A cookie is not harmful to your computer.


A cookie is a file that contains information about your web browser. The cookie does not contain any contact information such as name, address, etc. The cookie is stored in the unit you use as a web browser (eg computer, smartphone, tablet) so that the Website will recognize you the next time you visit the website.

Every time you visit a website that has received a cookie, your web browser will send it automatically. A cookie ensures that your unit is identified. This will save you time while surfing.


The company may use cookies in many different ways on this website. By following visitor cookies, activity cookies and flash cookies. This means that uses cookies to retrieve information about visitors and how they have behaved on the website.

We also use cookies to measure the usage of the pages, this is very important information for us to maintain and develop the pages.

You can choose in your browser that you do not want to use cookies. This can cause problems browsing the pages.

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