Birthday parties for adults

Birthday! Arrange an unforgettable party in the beauty of nature!

Freefinns OUTDOORS arranges birthday parties for people of all ages mainly in Joroinen, Varkaus and Eastern Finland.

We can arrange an entire birthday party with dining and activities on an island at a cabin in the wild on an island in Joroinen or we can arrange one or several activities for your important day at your chosen location. Activities may be enjoying food cooked on open fire, SUP-boarding, kayaking or snowshoe walking during winter.

You’re never too old to throw a party to yourself and to your friends!

Number of participants: max 50 people
Gear: outfit suitable for local weather conditions
Suitability: for everyone
Languages: Finnish, English (Russian translator available)
Availability: spring, summer, fall, winter

Contact us and the event will be planned just right for your needs!