Winter swimming and sauna

Winter swimming refreshes the mind and the body!

Freefinns OUTDOORS offers you the possibility enjoy a hot steamy sauna and to dip into the refreshing Kuvansi river. Sauna is suitable for four adults. There is a path leading to the river from the sauna and you may dip into the river from sturdy steps.

Swimming location and sauna are available by request.

Instructions for winter swimmers:

  • Listen to your own body
  • Winter swimming is not recommended under influence of alcohol, flu, fever or when sick in another way
  • Discuss with your doctor if you have heart or cardiovascular diseases
  • It is recommended to warm up muscles with light exercise before winter swimming
  • It is not recommended to go winter swimming alone
  • It is not recommended to go from cold water to sauna or vice versa too quickly. This may cause strain on the heart and feeling of dizziness.
  • It is recommended to wear shoes or socks suitable for winter swimming and a hat and gloves
  • On your first time only stay in the water momentarily. For people not accustomed to the cold temperature of the water it may cause harmless shortness of breath.
  • Wear warm clothes after winter swimming and drink warm liquids as needed
  • Please note that the surroundings (sauna, washing area, stairs, etc.) may be slippery

There is no supervision at the swimming area. Swimming is done at your own responsibility.

Price includes:

  • 1h private sauna. Washing is done in the traditional Finnish way mixing warm and cold water to reach suitable temperature in a washing basin. Warm and cold water are available at sauna.
  • warm sauna drink (tea)
  • towel for drying after sauna

Duration: 1 hour
Location: Freefinns Ranch Kuvansi
Number of participants: min 2 adults max 4 adults
Languages: Finnish, English (Russian translator available)
Price: 26€ / person incl. VAT
Availability: winter

Contact us and we’ll modify the event according to your need!