– Freefinns Ranch

Welcome to Freefinns Ranch!

We organize many of our events at Freefinns Ranch, a.k.a Heinäaho farm. The Ranch is located in Northern Savonia, Finland in Joroinen Kuvansi municipality right on the border of Varkaus. We are located on the southern shore of lake Mula and by Kuvansi river. It only takes a few minutes from highway 5 to get to us and only 9 minutes from Varkaus Prisma store!

Besides us chicken, bunnies and Finnish Spitz dog Peto live on the Ranch. Freefinns ranch offers activities among animals, for example camps and club events for kids. Animal wellbeing is important for us whether the animal is domesticated or wild. Part of our farm has been reserved as a bird sanctuary on the beaches of lake Mula. By our own effort we strive to protect birds and to ensure a peaceful and calm nesting season for birds on our shores and in their vicinity.

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