– Survival challenge

Grand adventure awaits you!

Freefinns OUTDOORS challenges you! Are you ready to take on the survival challenge? Are you ready for a grand adventure where you get to test your wilderness and orienteering skills?

Survival challenge begins by you choosing the level you want to accomplish it in.

Level 1. (easy) Map and compass for orienteering and plenty of food
Level 2. (medium) Map for orienteering and some food
Level 3. (hard) No gear or food

After selecting the level suitable for you we take you out to the wilderness blindfolded and you have one day to get to the told location independently. On each level you will have a Garmin inReach satellite communications device to ensure your adventure is safe and controlled. We can track you as you make your way in the wilderness and will pick you up as needed.

Take on the challenge with a friend or group if you wish, you just need to be 18 years old and in normal health.

Location: Eastern Finland
Gear: outfit suitable for local weather
Languages: Finnish, English (Russian translator available)
Price: 169€ / person incl. VAT
Availability: spring, summer, fall, winter

Contact us and we’ll modify the event according to your need!