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Refresh yourself and relax!

Freefinns OUTDOORS offers businesses relaxing work wellbeing days with activities in the beauty of nature that offers the perfect surrounding for exercises. We don’t need to go far as the nature close to the meeting place is well suited for relaxing through exercising.

On longer journeys we can head out further into nature. Stress hormones in the body are decreased and the brain rests while the senses are awakened. Time spent together with colleagues and the mutual experience heighten team spirit, increase motivation and just plainly feels nice.

Wellbeing days for businesses are planned according to Customer wishes. Activities may be for example kayaking, SUP-boarding, snowshoeing, hiking, group exercises and enjoying food cooked on open fire. With our partners we can offer businesses for example wellbeing lectures, forest yoga, forest laughter yoga and forest meditation.

Example packages

  • Team Day: A different kind of work day, but just as important! Let’s experience nature together with colleagues and enjoy tasty food prepared by the campfire in the fresh air. What better way to lift the spirit of togetherness?
  • Forest meeting: We offer a meeting place for the business group at a pleasant wicket and after the meeting participants enjoy food cooked on open fire. Any of our activities can be arranged.
  • Meeting package: We book a meeting room at Hotel Oscar in Varkaus for the business meeting with coffee and snacks. After the meeting we arrange chosen activity on Freefinns Ranch in Kuvansi and food cooked on open fire.
  • Raising the team spirit: In the forest, in the fresh air, the interaction trainer (www.tiimihenki.fi) will help you achieve a better team spirit and better results in your work! After 1.5 hours of training, a three-course menu cooked on open fire is enjoyed and before dessert, team skills are tested on a nature-themed crossroads. Finally, soap pot coffee is enjoyed with dessert.
  • Dining for the staff in the company yard or at an agreed location? A low-threshold refreshment event where we will be cooking for you at the place you want on the grills we bring with us over an open fire. Would you like to invite your customers to the event?
  • Weekend Beginner’s Banquet: Let’s go out on an outdoor afternoon on an outdoor exercise and then gather by the campfire to enjoy the food while the evening gets dark. Refreshments on behalf of the company?

Gear: outfit suitable for local weather
Suitability: for everyone
Languages: Finnish, English (Russian translator available)
Availability: spring, summer, fall, winter

Locations may be chosen at will and we have many beautiful nature locations that we can recommend and provide including a wilderness cabin on an island in Joroinen.

Contact us and we’ll modify the event according to your need!