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Freefinns RENTAL offers highest quality kicksleds for your use.

We have 2 pcs Kickspark kick sleds available. Kickspark is the premium model of kicksleds. Light but rigid aluminum frame which is easy to control. Adjustable height of grip is suitable even for tall kickers. Kicksleds can be used for example on forest roads or used on the same tracks as touring skates.

Including:  Kickspark kicksled and icepicks

Pickup and returns:
Ratatie 143, 78880 Kuvansi (Joroinen)


  • 4h 19,90€
  • 24h 29,90€
  • weekend 39,90€
  • week 69,90€

Prices include VAT 24 %.

Valinnaiset lisäpalvelut

Additional services (can be selected when placing order):

  • Delivery service for goods to your chosen location 10€ + 1€/km including pickup after rental time has ended
  • Pickup of Customers from center of Varkaus or Joroinen and transportation to Järvisydän touring skating track, quick introduction to use of kicksleds and transportation back to pick-up location after rental time has ended. Includes cost for use of touring skating track.

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