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Freefinns RENTAL offers a highest quality hot tub on a trailer for your enjoyment. Hot tub is easily transported at the back of a car and it can be driven with a class B license. Hot tub is a nice addition to your party!

Hot tub fits 6 to 9 people and takes in 1500 liters of water. Heating is done with a wood fired stove and heating takes approximately 4 hours. If you wish you can rent an additional easy to use gas fired warming device and delivery of hot tub to your yard!

Including: hot tub trailer, lid, wood fired stove, thermometer, paddle for stirring water

Pickup and returns:
Ratatie 143, 78880 Kuvansi (Joroinen)


  • 24h 99,90€
  • weekend 169,90€
  • week 199,90€

Prices include VAT 24%.

Valinnaiset lisäpalvelut

Additional services (can be selected when placing order):

  • Delivery service for goods to your chosen location 10€ + 1€/km including pickup after rental time has ended
  • Firewood for heating the hot tub
  • Gas fired warming device and a full 11 kg gas bottle (sufficient for roughly heating water 2 times from cold temperature)
  • Washing service for hot tub trailer after use (trailer is provided washed and without this additional service it is Customer responsibility to return the trailer washed)

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