Sound desensitization training for dogs

Happy trusting man’s best friend!

Freefinns OUTDOORS offers sound desensitization training for dogs at their prime learning age of 7 to 10 weeks. Training the dog at this age maximizes the possibility for the dog to not be afraid of loud noises in the rest of their lifetime. This is exactly how hunters train their dogs, but in addition to hunting breeds of dogs this training is suitable for all breeds.

Sound desensitization training is done in a safe and calm environment at Freefinns Ranch in Kuvansi. We proceed in the training according to your dogs natural pace. We respect your and your dogs will.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Location: Freefinns Ranch Kuvansi
Gear: outfit suitable for local weather
Suitability: for dogs aged 7 to 10 weeks (in case training is wanted for older dogs we want to discuss with the owner before making the decision to have the training)
Languages: Finnish, English (Russian translator available)
Price: 79€ for start of training, total price 129€ incl. VAT
(training can be stopped if you wish and in this case we only charge you the starting price)
Availability: spring, summer, fall, winter

Contact us and let’s discuss together how we will have a successful training!